Analyzing IO at the Cell level with cellcli… a new and improved script

Recently I had the pleasure of corresponding with Hans-Peter Sloot.  After looking at my simple tool in this post to gather cell IO data from cellcli, he took it a several steps further and created a nice python version that goes to the next level to pull IO statistics from the cells.

This script provides breaks down the IO by “Small” and “Large” as is commonly done by the Enterprise manager.  It also provides a summary by cell.  Here is a sample output from this script.

Hans-Peter also added two other scripts to drill in to historical data stored in cellcli.    Thanks for sharing your tools and further expanding my toolbox!


1 Response to “Analyzing IO at the Cell level with cellcli… a new and improved script”

  1. 1 Hans-Peter January 22, 2014 at 2:12 am

    Hi Glenn
    Actually there are 2 scripts : which gives the current statistics and the
    The former shows statistics from all cells listed in cell_group.
    The latter shows the history for the timeframe specified for a specified cell.

    Thanks for making the scripts available!

    Regards Hans-Peter

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