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Kernel NFS fights back… Oracle throughput matches Direct NFS with latest Solaris improvements

After my recent series of postings, I was made aware of David Lutz’s blog on NFS client performance with Solaris.  It turns out that you can vastly improve the performance of NFS clients using a new parameter to adjust the number of client connections.

root@saemrmb9> grep rpcmod /etc/system
set rpcmod:clnt_max_conns=8

This parameter was introduced in a patch for various flavors of Solaris.  For details on the various flavors, see David Lutz’s recent blog entry on improving NFS client performance.  Soon, it should be the default in Solaris making out-of-box client performance scream.

DSS query throughput with Kernel NFS

I re-ran the DSS query referenced in my last entry and now kNFS matches the throughput of dNFS with 10gigE.

Kernel NFS throughput with Solaris 10 Update 8 (set rpcmod:clnt_max_conns=8)

This is great news for customers not yet on Oracle 11g.  With this latest fix to Solaris, you can match the throughput of Direct NFS on older versions of Oracle.  In a future post, I will explore the CPU impact of dNFS and kNFS with OLTP style transactions.


Glenn Fawcett’s transplanted blog… Discussing Oracle database performance with Sun servers

With the acquisition of Sun quickly approaching, I decided it was time to get a personal blog to discuss Oracle performance on Sun. I have maintained a blog at Sun for the past 3 years, so I am not new to the powers of blogging.  I want to continue to post material during the transition and not have to come up to speed on another blogging platform and the required logistics.  Blogging helps me discuss current trends regarding database performance in real-time as well as preview and refine material that eventually becomes a presentation or white paper.

Why did I choose WordPress?

The are multiple reasons.  The functionality is one of the best in the business.  The interface is smooth and intuitive which allows you quickly express yourself.  Also, for the past 5 months I have been working closely with an old friend Kevin Closson on Exadata V2 performance.  Kevin is  an avid blogger on WordPress as well… So all-in-all, WordPress seemed a natural fit.

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