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Direct NFS access to Sun Storage 7410 with Oracle 11g and Solaris… configuration and verifcation

During the course of experimentation with 11gR2, I was given some space on a Sun Storage 7410 NAS.   In the past NAS meant using NFS with obscure mount options that seemed to vary from platform to platform.  So, at first I went scrambling for the “best practices” to use with Oracle NAS on Solaris.

There is a nice Metalink article Note:359515.1 with the latest information for all platforms.  This Metalink note does include the “tcp” option which is not necessary on Solaris.  So it boiled down to the following mount options for using Oracle data files on NAS devices with Solaris.

forcedirectio, vers=3,suid

But wait, what about the new 11g feature to use direct NFS “dNFS”?    More searching…

configuring dNFS on Solaris

This is a fairly simple process.  Although Oracle dNFS configuration is fairly well documented for Linux, I will post my interpretation and commentary to help other Solaris users that might want to configure dNFS.

First, create mount the NFS share just as you would have in the past.  Oracle still needs to see the file system from the OS point of view.  You don’t have to use the mount options as in the past, but you might want them anyway for OS tools may access the mount.  You would most likely place these options in the “/etc/vfstab” file, but I will just show the mount command.

mount -o rw,bg,hard,nointr,rsize=32768,\
wsize=32768,noac,forcedirectio,vers=3,suid \

toromondo.west:/export/glennf /ar1

Second, you have to link the direct NFS libraries in place of ODM.  This is a little clunky, but not terrible.

cp libodm11.so_stub
ln -s

Third, create the “$ORACLE_HOME/dbs/oranfstab” file.  This file defines the various details Oracle needs to directly access the NFS share.  You can configure multiple paths, so that Oracle can multiplex access to the NFS share.  This is for redundancy and load balancing.  There is another Metalink article ID:822481.1 that details how to configure dNFS with multiple paths across the same subnet and force the OS to not route packets.  This is a great feature, which I will try once I get some more network plumbing.  For now, I just did the most simple configuration as shown below.

cat $ORACLE_HOME/dbs/oranfstab
server: toromondo.west
path: toromondo.west
export: /export/glennf mount:/ar1

Finally, you will be able to see if this takes effect by looking at the “alert.log” file.  When Oracle starts up it places debug information in the alert.log file so we can see if Oracle is using Direct NFS or not.

grep NFS alert_*.log
Oracle instance running with ODM: Oracle Direct NFS ODM Library Version 2.0
Direct NFS: attempting to mount /export/glennf on filer toromondo.west defined in oranfstab
Direct NFS: channel config is:
Direct NFS: mount complete dir /export/glennf on toromondo.west mntport 38844 nfsport 2049
Direct NFS: channel id [0] path [toromondo.west] to filer [toromondo.west] via local [] is UP
Direct NFS: channel id [1] path [toromondo.west] to filer [toromondo.west] via local [] is UP

That’s all there is to it.  Hopefully, you will find this useful.


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